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Don’t forget me I Beeeg…

Most of us have now heard of Stephen Slevin who was forgotten in a Mew Mexico county jail for just under two years. 


This is Slevin before and after his jail visit. They say he went in relatively healthy although intoxicated and came out looking like that, weighing around 130 lbs, rotting teeth, and bed sores. Well then why didn’t he say anything? Word on the street is that he’s mentally ill (allegedly even more so now because he was kept in solitary confinement for so long).

Now y’all probably expect me to go on a rant bashing America’s government. As justified as this rant would be, honestly, I don’t see a need to. It isn’t a difficult concept to digest – the man was thrown in jail and forgotten. Y’all don’t need one of my rants to see how incredibly irresponsible this was. 

The largest problem I have with the situation is that the man is just that – a man. Yes he was drinking and driving. Yes he has a shady past. Yes he is mentally ill. Yes his judgement is not on the same level as your average Bob. Is he any worse of a person than the guards who forgot about him? No.

I feel like we forget a little too often that just because someone commits a crime, they are still a human. We sometimes lower them into this slightly subhuman species – a “criminal”. Again, don’t get me wrong they’re are some criminals who do not deserve to be treated as humans, but we cannot forget that despite their bad judgment and adversity, inmates are people just like us.

That’s okay, though… He’ll have the last laugh with the 15.5 million that he won in court.

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