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Why Bother??

Now, I am about to share with you, America, a fact that might be lifechangingly shocking… Probably each and every single on of the Presidential candidates that have ever existed… is a bold – faced liar.

WHAAAATTT??!!! how can I say such heinous, blasphemous things??

Well i cant be the only one who’s notices that every single election, the candidates spend their entire campaigns telling America about all the wonderful things that they’re going to try to do and often even promise to do. Then Bobbert McSoandso gets elected and WHADDYAKNOW… he hasn’t done half of the things that he said he would. He may come up with valid excuses for each and every single thing that didn’t get accomplished, but the bottom line is: the things didn’t get done. And let’s take a moment to be realistic — Most of the candidates, when making their sea of empty promises, know which ones they can and can’t keep…they just tell us what we want to hear.

This brings me to my next issue. Obama has been accused for years of presenting himself differently in different crowds (and he’s not the only one). In the Northwest he speaks properly, however in the deep south, his speech would loosen and he would even throw in a “y’all” here and there… Instead of changing for your environment, how about you just be yourself all the time. But no. Candidates feel the need to create this plastic representation of themselves that is used for all the little people.

I can’t vote but even if I could I would be one of the many who just write in Elmo (Oh wait, nevermind…) or Mickey Mouse. Over the years, politics have gotten just too corrupted for the election results to even matter to me. After Obama got elected I still rode the same bus to the same school and was taken back to the same house. The sun didn’t shine any brighter and the moon wasn’t any whiter…

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