World’s deadliest weapons: iced tea and skittles.

So In a few, (hopefully) i’ll have up a picture of Treyvon Martin. One night in late february, seventeen year old high school student, Treyvon was hanging out at his home in a gated community. He decided that he wanted to go to the store. he walked to the store, bought a can of iced tea and some skittles, and began to walk back home. While he was walking home, 28 year old self proclaimed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman began to follow him in his SUV

Later, Treyvon is found dead with Zimmerman standing over¬† him armed with a gun. Police arrive and ask what happened. Zimmerman tells authorities that he shot Treyvon because he was defending himself. Now, Zimmerman did have a bloody nose and a wound in the back of his head. However, Police – get this – believed him, didn’t run a background check, didn’t run any drug tests, and LET HIM GO.

Now, In Florida, you can use deadly force against pretty much any attack. But under what circumstances is it okay to kill a kid armed with a bottle of tea and skittles. No matter what Treyvon could have been doing to that man, there was no need for him to kill him. Zimmerman looks like he weighs about 250. Treyvon…190 TOPS. Even without weapons it was an unfair fight.

Not to mention, If you’re walking around your neighborhood at night and you notice that you are being followed by an SUV, wouldn’t you get a little scared?! You can’t outrun a car and confronting the driver is dangerous…so who’s good and who’s bad? You tell me.

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One thought on “World’s deadliest weapons: iced tea and skittles.

  1. Kayla H.

    What had happened to Treyvon Martin was a complete tragedy. The incident became so real when the media released the 9-11 call out.This incident had called the attention of the whole entire country and we want justice.

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