Bah humbug…

So a buttload of Valentines day posts got freshly pressed. Most of them looked at Valentines day in a positive light. Even the ones that try to make the single people feel better. I come with the truth. Reasons to hate Valentine’s Day. I was even to bitter to post this on Valentines Day…

  • Do couples only love each other on Valentines Day?? A boyfriend shouldn’t act fake one day just because the calendar has a heart on it…if he doesn’t get you a cough syrup colored bear and a box full of calories every day then why should today be different? If you want to act extra lovey-dovey one day out of the year try actually remembering your anniversary.
  • Why do we even act like we care?! Is Valentines Day anyone’ s favorite holiday? The only reason why it’s celebrated because it’s a national holiday and it doesn’t have a theme that isn’t totally dumb. I’ll admit that I can see how it could look good on paper, but once Hallmark got to it, it looked really bad on paper…and we kept celebrating…
  • Single people feel forbidden from celebration. Luckily, some sympathetic, soul and her boyfriend made up the idea of having a “valentine” on valentine’s day so that we singles don’t feel completely pathetic, but everyone knows that a valentine is usually never a real boyfriend or girlfriend, and this only works for those who can get them. Being single on valentines is like being Helen Keller in a circus…
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