Low-down, dirty dentist

Think of a dental procedure people hate to get. Right now. Go. Was a root canal the first thing that popped into your head? Most likely it was. We all know that the root canal is unpleasant, painful, and downright agonizing. Most dentists use steel posts to fix this problem. Not one dinglewedge of a dentist…

Michael Clair, 53 from Massachusetts knows how expensive the steel posts are. He knows that he could use something less expensive to do the procedure, charge normal price, and pocket the rest. So this is exactly what he did. But what did he use in place of the steel pieces? iron? copper? No and no – aluminum.


I know you didn’t necessarily gasp at the aluminum posts…but what I left out was that he didn’t use the normal, standard posts. He used aluminum…paperclips.  You see, his office is in a mall (what dentist has his office in a mall anyway??? Is that common??). The mall is right across the street from a staples. He goes to the staples, gets a regular box of jumbo paperclips, and shoves them into peoples’ faces.

This, obviously has been causing the victims infections and a lot of pain and the loss of teeth. Of course I’m outraged at this idiot, but what makes me even more mad is that he only got one year in jail. Just a year. You know what…I just unmaddified myself. Know why? Because this guy doesn’t even deserve our tax payments. They should exile him to the world’s stormiest island…or catapult him out to sea…

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