A hammer needs to occupy the back of ALL of their heads…

At the same occupy D.C. camp site where the little girl was found alone in the tent (scroll down two or three posts) all of the protesters (and their babies) have been told to clear out…I think that because of the reason, they may actually listen to authorities this time…rats are infesting the camp.

Why can’t people realize that animals eat food and that when you leave it out on ground level, they can smell it and then they will eat the food (best run-on sentence ever). The fact that they’re there (the rats that put up the tents not the rats infesting them) is pointless and causes enough problems as it is. The least they can do is be clean and not try and start another bubonic (sp?) plague outbreak. Shouldn’t we have learned our lesson from the first one?!

No matter what, there are easier, less harmful, and more effective ways to get the points (yes, that’s plural because let’s be real…there is no one point) across and the changes made…This needs to stop.

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One thought on “A hammer needs to occupy the back of ALL of their heads…

  1. I just wanted to be the 100th commenter. YAY!

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