Bound by the surprise of your glory day…

There are two problems with what happened here…

#1. How could any apple store…ANYWHERE (China, America, Swaziland, Jupiter) not be prepared for the crowds that would gather at the store in the capital city of the country…they were releasing the 4s and they were seriously surprised at the multitude of the crowd?!

manager of the store as he’s looking at the crowd for the first time:

“oh snap…that’s a lot of people…there’s no way we can let all those wild banshees in just to wreck our store…I know they’ve been waiting here for days in the freezing cold and I know that the money we would have made today would easily pay for any repairs/cleaning that would need to be done afterwards, but…Nah…I’m just not feelin’ it, today…Yo, Jack, tell ’em to go home.”

But at the same time, I can’t take but so much pity on these people because of problem #2:

If you are so obsessed with getting a phone first that you would wait in a line in the cold for 2 days, then you need to seek some help…IT’S JUST A PHONE…be glad that you can even afford it (and some of these jokers probably can’t)…

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