This time won’t you save me? This time won’t you save me? Baby I can feel myself givin up…givin up…

Do you want to have to explain to your kids and/or grandkids what a twinkie is (I will not use past tense yet)? Are you ready to say sianara (sp?) to the snowball? Do you want to say deuces to the ding dong? Are you ready to say holla to the ho hos?? Well, you may have to. Why? Hostess has filed for Chapter 11.

please...don't go...

What is Chapter 11? Well it’s a type of bankruptcy (which I didn’t know types even existed until now…). What does it entail? I don’t have all the friggin’ answers?! Stop asking so many questions! jk…I really didn’t feel like reading all of its explanation so you gotta look for yourself if you really want to know. Lazy much? Well, I’m typing. You’re reading. Who is burning more calories? Das what I thought. Bad joking aside, Chapter 11 looked really boring and complicated and I just wasn’t feelin’…

The point is: Hostess may die. We can’t let this happen. Hostess has been around for 82 years. Bet your grandma isn’t even that old! She is? 97? Look, a llama!

But seriously. Go buy a Twinkie. Get it bronzed. May be worth something someday. Oh yeah…and the wonder bread…forgot about that…



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