A hammer needs to occupy the back of this man’s head…

A man was arrested after this 13-month-old child was found unattended at McPherson Square.

Isn't she adorable...

See this baby girl. Shes 13 months old. She is not like other 1 year olds. She’s disadvantaged. How? Her guardian is a moron.

If his name and picture had been released I would have put it up in a heartbeat because I love ruining the reputations of dingbats…but they haven’t released. It. What did he do to her?

It’s 10:00 am. You are in a park in Washington DC occupying the park (translation: camping with a bunch of strangers because you have nothing better to do.). When you hear what sounds like a baby crying. This goes on for about twenty minutes straight. Finally, you can’t take it anymore. You gather up your friends to go see what is wrong with this poor child and why no one is stopping it.

After a few minutes of searching, you open a tent to find the child above alone in a tent during the rainy, 40 degree weather…in a onesie and mittens. Scene.

Child protective services now has the baby. The guardian didn’t return for another half hour after the baby was discovered. This makes me so mad. Not only did the man bring his baby to an occupy protest (which are basically like little villages of anarchy and definitely no place for babies). But he left her alone in a tent for who knows how long not even dressed for the weather. If he’s gonna abandon her, he could’ve at least given her a fighting chance by the means of CLOTHING.

It's just not fair...

I mean what kind of crotchstain does this to a child? I don’t care who the 99% is. HIS BABY SHOULD BE HIS 100%. I hope they take her away from him. The sad thing is, all he had to do was pick her up and take her with him. I mean, he brought her there in the first place. She doesn’t look like she weighs a lot to me. 25 lbs tops (I looked it up). He was charged with attempted second degree child cruelty.

And I must not be in the 99% because I sure am tired of all this occupy crap. Don’t get me wrong, there are things I’m not happy about, but I’m generally happy with America. People (occupiers) forget how much worse it could be. We’re so ungrateful that it sickens me. It seems like we are some of the most unpatriotic  people…at least we CAN protest…it’s stuff like that that people forget.

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