Hotel Kämp in Helsinki, Finland which is operated by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide apparently was not informed about the invention of lying. How do you know that, Casey? Well, a woman named Alison Fournier was staying there and was up in her room sleeping. A man who had made an attempt at flirting with Alison earlier that day and was clearly rejected went up to the counter and told the concierge that he was her husband. THEY GAVE HIM A KEY. Spoiler alert: she woke up with the fool groping her naked body.

If only he had walked in on Ms. McKinley...(search my site for "black widow" if you don't get it)

Why did they give him a key?! Why was she sleeping naked in any place that wasn’t her house (she was, too)?! How could she be that heavy a sleeper that she didn’t hear the door, his footsteps, or him getting into the bed??

UGH…I hope the place goes out of business…

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