Screw you, China!

Well…not all of China…just the president, Hu Jintao, who thinks that western countries (just America, really) are attacking the Chinese culture! He is annoyed that his people like our culture better (which may not even be the case). He specifically pointed out Lady Gaga who is apparently super popular in China. Does he hate lady Gaga? I mean, I know I don’t LOVE her music (not because it’s her I just don’t prefer her style. And i do love how she’s weird and eccentric.) but she’s not doing anything to anyone…

There she is in all her crazy glory... šŸ™‚

and in the same NY Times article I was reading it said “cultures of the West and China and effectively said the two sides were engaged in an escalating war.”

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??!?!? We aren’t in war against China, right? Do they mean cultural war? I mean, the Chinese, if I’m not mistaken, were the ones who gave us (America) our name meaning “beautiful land” (at the time). I understand him wanting to preserve his countries culture, but why is he so bothered by us? He just seems so angry…then that get’s me kind of mad…

That’s pretty offending considering I’m American, myself (Betcha didn’t know that…).


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3 thoughts on “Screw you, China!

  1. But a huge part of culture is that it changes. Americans don’t still wear powdered wigs. Hotdogs, baseball, apple pie…they haven’t always been here. Culture changes, and I just don’t see why a western influence on Chinese culture is a problem. I don’t think Chinese culture is going to get destroyed…it may change. Maybe China’s traditional dress was not functional and what they wear now is what works best. Also, the whole WORLD is obsessed with money…that’s nothing new. If you meant dollars as in America’s currency, then I guess I can understand that possibly becoming an issue for economical reasons. I just want China to be our friend. In the article I read, Hu Jintao did seem angry at us. I didn’t write that article. This is just what I saw was being portrayed. I’ll put up a link so you can see for yourself when I can.

  2. He’s not angry, he’s understandbly concerned about the Westernisation of Chinese culture and the destruction (on a huge scale) of all things Chinese by the people, big business and local government. China is rapidly losing all of its heritage sites, as they are either bulldozed in order to build high rises or robbed blind by local thieves.

    On top of that China’s traditional dress is disappearing and the whole country has become obsessed with dollars over anything else.

    One of the joys of globalisation is the lift from poverty that hundreds of millions have enjoyed, but total cultural destruction should not be an essential part of that either.

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