Casey Anthony Video Diary: My thoughts…

Comments on this were more mixed than I thought they would. She actually had supporters which surprised me. For those who don’t know, this is really Casey Anthony. She didn’t post it, though. Some other woman did to keep her from making money off of it.

So there she is babbling on subjects about which no one cares. I neither support her nor despise her. She has done nothing to earn my support and I didn’t follow the case enough to have an opinion about her questionable actions. From what I do remember from the case and watching this video — I don’t think she’s all there…Something about seems just the slightest bit…off. So, i could see the possibility that she had been negligent and her daughter got into a fatal accident. But, like I said, I don’t know for sure.

I’m not changing my name (we have the same name) and I’m not sending her money either. What about you?

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3 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Video Diary: My thoughts…

  1. As soon as I observed this web site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

    • Thanks so much. Share on, Raleigh!

    • Anonymous

      I thought the whole trial turned into a circus. Biaz really put a spin on this whole murder to where everyone forgot about what the case was all about “THE MURDER OF CAYLEE ANTHONY”. The father sexually abusing Calley, the drowning in the backyard pool, The sexual abuse casey faced at the hands of her father. The evidence was all there but everyone refused to look at it. What about the lies, the body being near the family home buried like a dead pet, the car smelling like a dead body ( the mother being a nurse knows that smell…oops out of emotion the mother condemned her daughter, let’s back pedal oh it was a pizza…yeah…right. What mother if she were innocent would not call 911 if it were an innocent drowning?You have nothing to hide and the forensics would find that truth. Nanny steals your child and oh I don’t want the police to help me I will look for her on my own….yeah right. Computer searchs, I was so glad when the body of Caylee was found but too little too late, no good forensics available. I feel so sorry for this whole situation, every one lost…especially Caylee. Casey you know what you did to harm your 2 year old and you are guilty as hell, whatever calm and cool manuerisms you show the public can easily be seen through… you are and always will be a child killer. Have you seen the Movie….Unfaithful…they covered up a murder and yes millions of people get away with it everyday…but your day will come believe me whatever way it will happen is unknown but I am a very strong believer in KARMA…we all have it you will not be able to get away from that. God be with Caylee she is gods loving hands, watching her mother and saying Mommie why did you do this to me, Iove you mommie I want to come home, and god say’s to her Caylee you are home.

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