How to make a successful protest using occupy guidelines

Step 1choose a very small (1% of the population is ideal) group of people/ideology/industry against which the protest will be held (i.e. big businesses, the federal government, etc.) .

*You must have some sort of evidence that this group of people is causing some kind of harm or grief to the large group of people that will be your targeted protesters.  It’s okay if the group/industry/ideology does more good than harm.

...or Nazis...they work, too...

Step 2Adjust your reason for protesting against this group to be as broad as possible.

Examples: I am protesting against nudists because: They get people “excited”, nudism is pointless, it is unhealthy for children, nudists often break the law, nudists are bad for the economy (textile industry), there has been a direct link between nudists and the apocalypse…

...had they just put on some clothes! *sob*...

As you can see above, not all reasons have to be completely factual as long as enough people believe.

*The group you are protesting against may have to be changed in order for your reason for protest to be broad enough.

Step 3 – Publicize your “cause” without connecting its origins to yourself. If there is a leader, people will be more likely to go against you/it. People like thinking that they’re in charge of themselves.

Step 4 – Make an incredibly simple, yet incredibly catchy slogan. Earns extra catchiness if the slogan has “we” in it. It creates a feeling of unification among the protesters. People like feeling united.

Step 5 – Now that your “cause” has been publicized, get people really worked up about it. Get people really angry at the group you are targeting by listing every bad thing they have ever done while distracting the public from the good that they do. This can be difficult. Make yourself appear to be sorry for having to bash the target. Pity is a great advantage to have on your side.

Step 6 – Organize your first, organized protest (again without making yourself into a leader). Get some of your strongest supporters with you (the more the better) and plan a protest. Until you get hundreds of followers plan legal venues for your protest. Then, after a bunch of people get involved, switch to completely illegal protesting places that will attract authorities.

Step 7 – Strengthen your protest by helping people who have been disadvantaged or harmed by your targeted group. Help them in ways that are illegal. Like steal money from a bank and give it to them or help them break into a foreclosed home if they couldn’t pay their bills.

Step 8 –  Repeat steps 5-7. Treat all laws pertaining to protestas if they do not exist. Encourage ongoing protests where you camp out at the site. You may want to quit your job depending on how serious you are about this.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a successful protest using occupy guidelines

  1. I really like your writing style, great info , regards for putting up : D.

    • Thank you! Don’t tell anyone, but the comments that compliment my writing style are the best ones, to me 🙂 everyone can get good info but only I can write like me…made my day, mann…or lady…thanks.

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