Rich, spoiled, and stupid…a recipe for me being PO’d


This is Leo Park. He’s six. His new house is in progress and he noticed that his chimney (not the one in the picture) probably wouldn’t be big enough. For what? Safety? No. Santa. So Leo wrote a letter to the guy that is in charge of the land expressing his naive concerns. GET THIS…the guy writes back…does he explain to he boy that Santa isn’t real? No. Does he tell the boy Santa comes through the door in special situations? No. Does he tell Leo that Santa will skip his house every year from now on? No. He just…

  • hired a mathematician to figure out the dimensions the chimney would need to be.
  • built the chimney accordingly.
  • Hired fake Santas (dressed up and the whole nine yards) to go down the chimney
  • got a crane to lift the Santas down the chimney

I’m not even gonna BEGIN on the annoying, spoiled screwup this kid is going to grow up to be if everyone continues giving him everything he wants…Why would anyone do this? How could they possibly think that this would make his life any better in the long run? Do parents even think anymore? Does raising a child, now, only mean making it happy all the time no matter what?


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4 thoughts on “Rich, spoiled, and stupid…a recipe for me being PO’d

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    • I update as much as I can! I’m a busy little lady…I am in school and everything so it’s hard BUT I WILL UPDATE. ALWAYS. haha…thanks so much for commenting.

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