The witch of the east is dead…or the angel of the east has fallen??

I feel so miseducated (It’ll be in the dictionary soon). I was always led by the media (one of the many disadvantages of living in such a modern society) to believe that North Korea was the horrid, fredomless, cesspool of depression…but the ruler – Kim Jong Il – died about…I dunno…a few hours ago maybe? Yesterday? Anyway, the North Koreans are seriously TOW DOWN (torn apart) from his death!

This raised so many questions about this for me…Are they genuinely sad or just being drama-Koreans? I thought Kim was really mysterious and no one knew hardly anything about him? He was a dictator…that usually has a negative connotation, right? The South Korans are happy about this…Why?

so now, his son Kim something Un has taken rule and…well no one cares because they are too busy crying and wailing over Kim…What did he do that was worthy of all of this mourning? No one mourns the wicked, right? So was he really bad or did a series of unfortunately misunderstood events portray him as the wicked witch of the east? (shoutout to my fave broadway musical)

Update 1-12-12 : They have decided to embalm his body and put it on *cringe* permanent display in a mausoleum…thing is…embalming doesn’t last forever…and because Kim is above – ground and got embalmed so long after he died, he’s going to decompose faster…while he’s on PERMANENT DISPLAY…ew.

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14 thoughts on “The witch of the east is dead…or the angel of the east has fallen??

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  6. John Shumar

    North Koreans have no connection to the outside world. They believe that their “Dear Leader” is the only reason that they still survive in the world. In order for his communist regime to survive, Kim totally brainwashed his citizens through control of the media, education, and all other aspects of life, to make them believe that not only did they live superb lives, but that he was some sort of demi-god.

    • I think that both you and Nathan’s conspiracies are QUITE probable…how do we know that our media/education/whatnot hasn’t brainwashed us to think these things about them. Yes, they are isolated. But you know how it is when people (especially Americans) don’t have enough information about something — information is forced out whether (sp?) it’s accurate or not…(y’all are right though…tell Becky I said hi.)

  7. Possible…likely, in fact. But there can’t be any proof because the guy’s dead now and North Korea would never admit or agree to even talk about the subject…I guess I won’t be getting answers to my question…well not legitimate answers anyway…

  8. nathancbritt

    The way they’re mourning is way to theatrical to be real. They are playing to the camera. Why? Cause they’re brainwashed.

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