I can’t really feel sorry for them…

I’ve been following yahoo more than the Lede lately, so it’s time that The Chronicle gets back to her roots.

So there’s this family in Brooklyn. Their home was foreclosed. It appeared to be a single mom and two kids, if I’m not mistaken. Well, this other man and his crew (family/son/idk) helped the take possession of a government owned home…

This is sweet and all…There are good intentions…but this still just bothers me.

How can these people even begin to start the trend of people busting into foreclosed homes and then getting arrested later because…I mean…There’s no way this can be legal. Then that would teach people that they don’t even need to pay their mortgage because they can just bust into another foreclosed home and live there…This, to me, is looking like the begging of the collapse of the real estate/housing market/house economy…whatever…/I dunno you know what I mean.

Bottom Line:


I mean, this is saying that we have pulled into the shoulder on the highway of orderly government and are contemplating taking the exit that goes to anarchy city…

And alot of the time…it’s the people’s fault that their home gets foreclosed. I am not saying that I think that was the case for the woman in the video, but people forget that shelter is more important than having electricity, cell phones, running water, etc.

America really needs to develop a habit of THINKING before we act…

One last thing: Many of the Occupy protester are protesting because of the state of the economy…if we are running around stealing foreclosed homes…is that going to make our economy better?!

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7 thoughts on “I can’t really feel sorry for them…

  1. I like examining and I conceive this website got some genuinely utilitarian stuff on it!

    • Well, thanks, I guess. I’m fine with helping individuals…as long as it can’t HARM the majority. So I’m not always utilitarianly (made that one up) thinking…but you could always keep reading and decide for yourself 😉
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Very interesting commentary. We are definitely at a crossroads as a country, my friend.

    • Thank you very much, mj. And I should let you know that you won’t be seeing any new posts from me for a few days :(. I will be posting something on or near the 15th and then there wont be any posts until probably Saturday. I usually post at least once a day so I’m just giving a heads up…thanks for following.

  3. @jakesprinter: yes. It is very sad to think about people loosing their homes…but it isn’t always that sad…because you have to realize that in so many cases, there was something that person could’ve done differently to change that course of events and keep their house. Thanks for the like.

    @Mark: I also wonder about he civil unrest…the only thing that keeps me worry-free is looking around the rural county I live in and seeing the order and peace that remains here and many other places.

    Thanks for the comments you guys.

  4. So sad to think about people lost their home .

  5. Stealing foreclosed homes will NOT make the economy better. Just like the banks taking tax payer dollars to remain solvent and then using fraudulent documents to foreclose will also NOT make the economy better…..

    I also fear the anarchy you mention. Every time I see riots in other countries, I wonder how long until we see civil unrest here?

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