That son of a gun…another Tech shooting…

Two people were shot and killed on the Virginia tech Campus today around noon…I don’t know why people in Tech are so hostile and killy, but they really need to do something about this. This is getting insane. They say they got a better security system after the shooting in 2007 where over 30 people were shot. Well if their security system is that much better, why is it that all they know about the suspect is that he’s white and is wearing a maroon sweatshirt…NEWS FLASH– VIRGINIA TECH COLORS ARE MAROON AND ORANGE!!! a good percentage of the student body could have been wearing a maroon sweatshirt…ugh…

History does not need to repeat itself...

Then I got to thinkin…what if this happened at a community college in the middle of skid rowe…would it have gotten as much attention as it probably is going to have? I mean, I don’t think this will turn into the next Haiti or Katrina or MJ, but still…had this happened at John Tyler (I’m not saying that Richmond is skid rowe…it is in Richmond, right?) would it have made national news? I’m also curious to find out if people are ever going to be scared out of going to Tech. At this point, I know I wouldn’t go there unless offered a full ride scholarship, but I don’t want to go there any way-shootings or not.

They’ve found more information on this shooting…a lot more…so much that wordpress would kick me off the site if I even began to write it all and add in my opinion as I always do. I couldn’t even read the whole article…but you can. Bam. There it is.

All I can say now is that I’m very glad they got all the dirt on him. Surprised too because in the beginning all they knew was that he had on a maroon sweatshirt when all of the school’s paraphernalia is friggin maroon because that’s the school’s MAIN COLOR…ugh…they got him, though…huzzah…(that wasn’t sarcastic)

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2 thoughts on “That son of a gun…another Tech shooting…

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