Oops, I did it again…I played with your genitals…got arrested again…oh baby baby…

I bet just by reading the title you knew who I was talking about…Yup. Ol’ Sandumbsky is at it again…and got arrested again…and that crazy jackwagon is still trying to convince America that he’s innocent. We all know that the truth is: He’s not that innocent. (shout tout to crazy Britney who’s 30 now! Happy Belated M(r)s. Spears…)

Ohhh Britney...

And it isn’t just one accuser this time…it’s two. Just let the man go to jail where he can get all the action he apparently wants, because I’m tired of blogging about him. He’s making The Chronicle look very dirty…I wan’t this to be an E10+ (i know that’s a video game rating) kind of website, not M.

But anyways, his bail is set at 250,000 smackers…I’m pretty sure my house costed more than that…and even if he does bail out, he will have that pretty anklet to wear. Well, Yahoo actually said “electric monitoring”…but I’m not in the system, so I don’t know exactly what that entails.

It’s unknown weather he is going to jail or not (college football coaches make just as much money as the people who save lives…am I the only one who sees something horribly wrong with that?!). We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s a tiny part of me, though that doesn’t want him to have to go to jail because of how horrible his life could be as a “free man”.

I mean, Think about it…people would like ridicule him, send him death threats, spit on him when he walked by, throw large, sharp objects at him, try to run him over with their smart cars, and he’d see the bird more often than he would see a cloud in the sky…You think people wouldn’t do these things? They would. How do you know, Casey? Because I’d do just about all of ’em….

But then again…Jail guys can be BRUTAL…and rapey…he probably wouldn’t have a problem with the latter, so…”free” it is. Let him go. Ruin his life more than jail ever would.

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2 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again…I played with your genitals…got arrested again…oh baby baby…

  1. Thanks so much….New posts will be coming soon…i hope

  2. You did great story here 🙂

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