A lot of people don’t trust politicians. As of right now, I am one of those people. At first I just questioned wether I should trust politicians (but I still did). Now, I don’t because yahoo.com shared with me a little information that I found a little bit disturbing…

Presidents are supposed to be smart, honest, trustworthy, and they’re supposed to always do waht’s best for the country even though it may not make the people happy at the moment. They’re supposed to be honest even if they can’t tell us what we want to hear. Apparently, none of the people running for president right now are aware of this. Well, what are you talking about, Casey? What did they do? I’ll tell you.

Most if not all of the people running for president are promising that they will secure America’s borders. (It was already news to me that all the squiggly lines I was looking at when I saw a map of America…were a lie). The thing is…experts know that:

1. They can’t deliver this promise.

2. Even if hell froze over and they did, there would be hell to pay between us and Mexico. It could totally screw up our getting along (I never saw America and Mexico as genuine friends, I always saw them as the type of friend you will say hi to and smile at upon greeting, but once they pass by you roll your eyes and go “ugh I hate her”

Something like this...

So they are basically all telling us what we want to hear which really ticks me off! I’m supposed to be able to look up to these people! I’m supposed to be able to trust them! Do they know that they can’t carry out this promise? Did they do any research? If they’re running for PRESIDENT aren’t they already supposed to know things like this?! Ugh…America is going to spiral into a never-ending abyss of failure if we put these people in charge….we are going to have to baby sit our own president!!! Condi, WHERE ARE YOOOUUUUU!!!

And what’s so great about a secure border anyway?! Is it going to cure cancer? Will it create jobs? will it give us money? Will it pay off debt? I’m a normal American. Having an insecure border has not affected me in any way at all. So how would having a secure one be any different?

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