Me, myself and all my millions…on welfare?!

Crap like this makes me want to go be an occupy protester or set fire to a national monument…almost. There’s this couple who is on welfare and gets over 1,200 smackeroonies a month (PLUS food stamps and disability!). But guess what…she lives in a MANSION! YES A MANSION….well it’s a mansion to the 99% anyway. The house is worth over a million dollars, the woman gives to charity often, and has traveled all over the world!! I want to disable THEM!

They’ve been doing this for eight years…That’s almost 120,000 bucks America has been throwing away…I mean, I know that’s like $10 in the scheme of government, but still…There are only videos (and boring ones) up of the house. No pictures. It’s in Seattle. Go see for yourself and take a picture for me.


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