Just shut up and take those gangsta bracelets like a man…

So we’ve all heard of the Sandusky interview with Bob Costas where he said everything he shouldn’t have said and basically confessed. …ohh it was horrible…

Well, human citizens of Earth, he’s done it again. Just watch the video. Even his own lawyer (who sucks, by the way) was trying to mop up his messes….and another thing that came to my attention…Is she not the worst interviewer you’ve ever seen?!

It seems like she didn’t have any questions prepared, she didn’t give us a whole lot of information to have spent so long with him. She kept asking suggestive questions and closed ended questions…they need to fire her. And Snadusky: he’s going to jail. There’s no point in even saying anything else in public…he’s already ruined himself…he needs to just shut up and take his gangsta bracelets like a man…

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2 thoughts on “Just shut up and take those gangsta bracelets like a man…

  1. (^_^) MADE MY DAY. Thank you so much. *sob*

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