I’m bout to go slim shady on this homeowner’s association…

Cooper Veloudis is three years old. He’s an adorable little boy. He has a playhouse. The playhouse is adorable too. It was custom made and costed $5000. It was put there for the very purpose of getting him better. He loves playing in it. He also has cerebral palsy. Playing in the playhouse and climbing up the little ladder inside is very therapeutic for him….

Here's Cooper

The neighborhood that little Cooper lives in…they are fining his family $50 a day while they are keeping it because it’s against the rules. Structures that are not attached to the home are prohibited…but guess what….apparently, treehouses and swingsets are not structures, because people have those all over the neighborhood and are not being fined.

This is his playhouse

This drives me nuts. The house is being taken away from this boy tomorrow….they asked Ernie Stamper, one of the seven jerks in the homeowner’s association why this rule was in place. Guess what buttwad of a homeowner’s association member didn’t have  a reason…

Cooper doesn’t even know what’s going to happen. And his very loving but maybe a little dim parents haven’t figured out that the rule has a loophole…structures that aren’t attached to the house aren’t allowed…all they have to do is attach the playhouse to the real house. I mean, they can use anything really. A rope. Duct tape. gum. fruit snacks….the list goes on and on. I wish I could tell them. I tried, but they are smart enough not to put contact info online so…yeah. This homeowner’s association, though…I wanna go slim shady on they tails…

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2 thoughts on “I’m bout to go slim shady on this homeowner’s association…

  1. Susan

    I live in Lexington. A later report from our local media, which are following this very closely, indicates that when Cooper’s parents first inquired about building the playhouse last May, the Andover Forest Homeowners’ Association indicated it was just fine. It was five months later before these HOA hotshots sent a letter stating that this cute little playhouse was in violation of what certainly appear to be extremely arbitrary rules.

    This is strictly a HOA objection – our local laws concerning construction do not appear to have been violated (they mostly deal with distance from property lines and building heights).

    Were Cooper my child, I’d find a lawyer experienced with cases involving the Americans with Disabilities Act. I’d also be going door to door in my “neighborhood” with a petition. Other good people who live in Andover Forest have spoken out in support of keeping Cooper’s playhouse, and they are uniformly horrified at the callous obtuseness of the HOA officers. For the record, Andover Forest is a newer upper middle class “development”, nice enough but rather bland and not noted for architectural or environmental quality, and certainly of no historic significance at all. If anything, this delightful little playhouse adds to the value of the property and to the charm of the neighborhood.

    From here in Lexington, in another neighborhood rich with swingsets, playhouses, children, history, and character.

    Of both kinds..

    • wow…thanks for commenting and all of the juicy info. And I totally agree with you about what you would’ve done…probably a little more civilized than my duct taping the playhouse to the big house and seeing how the HOA likes them apples…

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