Fruit Fear

So Dr. Oz has scared the juice out of everyone saying that there is arsenic in apple juice. Now, it has been proven and it’s in grape juice, too. So now, everyone’s going to go crazy and stop drinking the juices. But lemme spit the hot fire of truth at you for a second (Love ya, Jenna Marbles!!)…


This is not a painting of death...

1. By the end of the world, scientists will have found traces of fatal/cancer causing substances in everything on Earth…they’re already halfway there…

2. The FDA’s level of concern for juice is 23 ppb (parts per billion).

3. Most companies were under this level. It seemed like the more popular the juice is, the more arsenic was detected. Juicy Juice was safe, though.

4. Even if your child is consuming a lot of apple juice that has a ppb above the level of concern, there is probably nothing to worry about, because the juice would have to be consumed in very large amounts to cause harm.

(data above came from google searches and

So, seriously, stop freaking out. It’s okay. Apple juice isn’t going to kill you. There’s no reason why anyone needs to be drinking enough apple juice every day to fill up a smartcar…

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