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Goodbye, everyone.

While I probably should’ve posted this post exactly 24 hours ago (It’s 11:59 pm), I wanted to say my goodbyes to everyone. What? What do you mean? Where are you going, Casey? You aren’t blogging anymore?

I’ll still be blogging…until the internet collapses…and I’m not going anywhere…until my family is forced to evacuateExactly a year from now, the world is supposed to end.

Okay that’s enough of that. The Earth isn’t ending. How do I know? Did we know when the earthquake would hit Haiti? Did we know Katrina would get so bad? Did we know a tsunami would hit Japan and how bad it would be? How long have we been hearing “the end is near”?

Why can’t people just relax? Why do people think that they will be able to survive THE END OF THE WORLD! If there were going to be survivors…they wouldn’t call it the END OF THE WORLD, now would they? Okay so let’s switch it to ‘apocalypse’. There. People can survive that. But if you think about it, they won’t.

You ever see that show “Living for the Apocalypse”? Yeah well it’s a show where they found all the people that had a somewhat decent chance of surviving the apocalypse because of obvious paranoia, money, and too much time on their hands…and put them on TV. If these people are dumb enough to agree to this show and also dumb enough to think that their friends will be loyal and won’t slit their throats in a dog-eat-dog apocalyptic society to save their own hides…there’s no way we will outsmart nature. Sure most of them had guns and ammo…so what…everyone else will too.


So what if there are still survivors? Well they only have a few options. They could either die trying o find other survivors or create the most screwed up human race ever by: A. Incest or B. Other random survivors.

Since this is a school project…I’m not going to explain any further, but if you have any questions or think I’m wrong PLEASE …COMMENT.

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Rich, spoiled, and stupid…a recipe for me being PO’d


This is Leo Park. He’s six. His new house is in progress and he noticed that his chimney (not the one in the picture) probably wouldn’t be big enough. For what? Safety? No. Santa. So Leo wrote a letter to the guy that is in charge of the land expressing his naive concerns. GET THIS…the guy writes back…does he explain to he boy that Santa isn’t real? No. Does he tell the boy Santa comes through the door in special situations? No. Does he tell Leo that Santa will skip his house every year from now on? No. He just…

  • hired a mathematician to figure out the dimensions the chimney would need to be.
  • built the chimney accordingly.
  • Hired fake Santas (dressed up and the whole nine yards) to go down the chimney
  • got a crane to lift the Santas down the chimney

I’m not even gonna BEGIN on the annoying, spoiled screwup this kid is going to grow up to be if everyone continues giving him everything he wants…Why would anyone do this? How could they possibly think that this would make his life any better in the long run? Do parents even think anymore? Does raising a child, now, only mean making it happy all the time no matter what?


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The witch of the east is dead…or the angel of the east has fallen??

I feel so miseducated (It’ll be in the dictionary soon). I was always led by the media (one of the many disadvantages of living in such a modern society) to believe that North Korea was the horrid, fredomless, cesspool of depression…but the ruler – Kim Jong Il – died about…I dunno…a few hours ago maybe? Yesterday? Anyway, the North Koreans are seriously TOW DOWN (torn apart) from his death!

This raised so many questions about this for me…Are they genuinely sad or just being drama-Koreans? I thought Kim was really mysterious and no one knew hardly anything about him? He was a dictator…that usually has a negative connotation, right? The South Korans are happy about this…Why?

so now, his son Kim something Un has taken rule and…well no one cares because they are too busy crying and wailing over Kim…What did he do that was worthy of all of this mourning? No one mourns the wicked, right? So was he really bad or did a series of unfortunately misunderstood events portray him as the wicked witch of the east? (shoutout to my fave broadway musical)

Update 1-12-12 : They have decided to embalm his body and put it on *cringe* permanent display in a mausoleum…thing is…embalming doesn’t last forever…and because Kim is above – ground and got embalmed so long after he died, he’s going to decompose faster…while he’s on PERMANENT DISPLAY…ew.

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Do we deserve all our First Amendment rights?

Now, i know that this question may seem insane at first sight, but let’s take a moment to think about it…. Look at the Occupy movement. We have the right to protest (DUH…) which goes under our freedom of assembly and speech…but it’s beginning to seem as if we Americans are unable to hold this freedom responsibly.

People don’t seem to understand that this freedom is only granted to us within the boundaries of our other laws. If another law somewhat contradicts one of these basic rights, the basic right does not remain. The other law is the one that would have to be followed even if it denies us a first amendment right (and no law could ever do this completely).

Now maybe you’re thinking, “Casey, I don’t think people are misusing the F.A. (First Amendment) rights in any way!” Really? Is that what you think? Look around, Buttercup…

  • People are using the occupy protests to commit crimes including rape, theft, and assaults.
  • People protest in restricted areas and refuse to leave when told to by POLICE
  • People have begun to praise crimes that are pro occupy (geezer robber…look him up…to make sure you get the right thing add in the word mask.)
  • People are becoming less afraid of getting arrested.
  • People have begun a protest against…493 different things…
  • People are beginning to steal foreclosed homes.

So do I think we deserve the right to assembly? Not completely. I honestly think it should be limited. The other parts of the first amendment, I don’t have a problem with. I’m so glad to live in America and have these freedoms. It just makes me mad when they get taken advantage of. Happy First Amendment Day, guys.

...but our flag was still there...

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So, you may have heard the news already, but…well let me be blunt: No one in India wants girls and they kill them to make sure they don’t get one. Not all Indians, of course, but most. Why? Only one reason: dowries. Dowries? Yeah, they’re the fees people of other cultures pay to get their daughters married. As time had progressed, dowries have gotten more and more expensive to the point where people just cannot afford to have a girl.

What happens when they run out? Well, India is not going to have that high population concentration (or however you say it) much longer are they? Why don’t they stop the dowries? They’ve been illegal longer than you’ve been alive (odds are…). So they kill the baby girls they can’t afford or don’t want to pay for? Yes. Is this legal? It isn’t even legal to have an ultra sound to see what the baby’s gender is, yet there are thousands of ultrasound clinics in India for this purpose only…you do the math.

“Dang, Indian people are horrible…” No. They aren’t. I could definitely see America doing the same thing…oh wait, we just make babies we don’t want and kill them. Sure it isn’t gender related, but still. Same principle. And the problem isn’t the fact that the child is a female, it’s the dowry that is associated with her. So am I, as a girl, offended by this? Not at all. The same thing could’ve happened for boys. Okay I am a little offended. I lied.

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I can’t really feel sorry for them…

I’ve been following yahoo more than the Lede lately, so it’s time that The Chronicle gets back to her roots.

So there’s this family in Brooklyn. Their home was foreclosed. It appeared to be a single mom and two kids, if I’m not mistaken. Well, this other man and his crew (family/son/idk) helped the take possession of a government owned home…

This is sweet and all…There are good intentions…but this still just bothers me.

How can these people even begin to start the trend of people busting into foreclosed homes and then getting arrested later because…I mean…There’s no way this can be legal. Then that would teach people that they don’t even need to pay their mortgage because they can just bust into another foreclosed home and live there…This, to me, is looking like the begging of the collapse of the real estate/housing market/house economy…whatever…/I dunno you know what I mean.

Bottom Line:


I mean, this is saying that we have pulled into the shoulder on the highway of orderly government and are contemplating taking the exit that goes to anarchy city…

And alot of the time…it’s the people’s fault that their home gets foreclosed. I am not saying that I think that was the case for the woman in the video, but people forget that shelter is more important than having electricity, cell phones, running water, etc.

America really needs to develop a habit of THINKING before we act…

One last thing: Many of the Occupy protester are protesting because of the state of the economy…if we are running around stealing foreclosed homes…is that going to make our economy better?!

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It’s a beautiful night…i’m lookin’ for somethin dumb to do…hey baby…I think I’m gonna bury you…

Hey, Casey, It’s marry, not bury. I know it is for Bruno Mars, but not for some people…

You know how you can find all of those red flag guides for relationships. Like red flags that your partner is cheating, abusive, or controlling or whatever. Well what about red flags that your boyfriend wants to kill you? Why don’t they have that? And that’s more important than the others! And that is surely what 27 year old Michelina Lewendowska (she’s British) needed…

So her wonderful fiance was, according to him, trying to “scare” her one day. If she is horribly terrified of dying ,as many Americans are, then he did succeed. What did he do? Well him (his name is Marcin Kasprzak) and his friend (Patryk Borys) tasered…tased…her in the neck (that has got to be one of the top 5 worst places!). She tried to push them back when they bound and gagged her then shoved her into a cardboard computer box. They taped up the box, tossed it in the trunk, and drove to the woods.

File:Turtle Creek Embankment western side of road cut.jpg

It looked something like this. The leaves were on the trees in the video, though.

By now, don’t you think they’ve already scared the living llamas out of this poor woman?! Well they didn’t think they did a sufficient job of this because once they got to the woods, they took the box to the top of a hill and buried it. Now, by what I could tell from various videos I watched, they didn’t dig a six-foot hole or anything. It seemed more like they covered the box in dirt until they couldn’t see it anymore.

But while she was trapped in that box, there was something that made her glad she was engaged to this insane criminal/”prankster”. Casey, have you taken a trip down the psycho path? How could this woman possibly be glad she was engaged to him?? Well because of her ring. She was able to cut the tape that was binding her, cut the cardboard, and free herself!

See, our choice of a best friend isn't superficially based

Her and her fiance are no longer together (if she had stayed with that fool…I would have tried to scare her next…). His defense is that it was all just a joke and he was just trying to scare her (mission accomplished…I hope you’re proud of yourself, you hitler…). She is saying that he tried to kill her and wanted her dead….

So in honor of Michelina, I’m going to make a list of red flags that your boyfriend may be trying to bury you alive.

  • he recently bought a huge roll of tape
  • he won’t get rid of a large box that has been lying across the house
  • he is in possession of any lethal or nonlethal weapons that are not your average handgun or pistol.
  • he often minimizes the severity of his “pranks”
  • His friends are VERY loyal to him.
So there you are. Okay…stay safe and keep a watch on your men, ladies.



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That son of a gun…another Tech shooting…

Two people were shot and killed on the Virginia tech Campus today around noon…I don’t know why people in Tech are so hostile and killy, but they really need to do something about this. This is getting insane. They say they got a better security system after the shooting in 2007 where over 30 people were shot. Well if their security system is that much better, why is it that all they know about the suspect is that he’s white and is wearing a maroon sweatshirt…NEWS FLASH– VIRGINIA TECH COLORS ARE MAROON AND ORANGE!!! a good percentage of the student body could have been wearing a maroon sweatshirt…ugh…

History does not need to repeat itself...

Then I got to thinkin…what if this happened at a community college in the middle of skid rowe…would it have gotten as much attention as it probably is going to have? I mean, I don’t think this will turn into the next Haiti or Katrina or MJ, but still…had this happened at John Tyler (I’m not saying that Richmond is skid rowe…it is in Richmond, right?) would it have made national news? I’m also curious to find out if people are ever going to be scared out of going to Tech. At this point, I know I wouldn’t go there unless offered a full ride scholarship, but I don’t want to go there any way-shootings or not.

They’ve found more information on this shooting…a lot more…so much that wordpress would kick me off the site if I even began to write it all and add in my opinion as I always do. I couldn’t even read the whole article…but you can. Bam. There it is.

All I can say now is that I’m very glad they got all the dirt on him. Surprised too because in the beginning all they knew was that he had on a maroon sweatshirt when all of the school’s paraphernalia is friggin maroon because that’s the school’s MAIN COLOR…ugh…they got him, though…huzzah…(that wasn’t sarcastic)

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Oops, I did it again…I played with your genitals…got arrested again…oh baby baby…

I bet just by reading the title you knew who I was talking about…Yup. Ol’ Sandumbsky is at it again…and got arrested again…and that crazy jackwagon is still trying to convince America that he’s innocent. We all know that the truth is: He’s not that innocent. (shout tout to crazy Britney who’s 30 now! Happy Belated M(r)s. Spears…)

Ohhh Britney...

And it isn’t just one accuser this time…it’s two. Just let the man go to jail where he can get all the action he apparently wants, because I’m tired of blogging about him. He’s making The Chronicle look very dirty…I wan’t this to be an E10+ (i know that’s a video game rating) kind of website, not M.

But anyways, his bail is set at 250,000 smackers…I’m pretty sure my house costed more than that…and even if he does bail out, he will have that pretty anklet to wear. Well, Yahoo actually said “electric monitoring”…but I’m not in the system, so I don’t know exactly what that entails.

It’s unknown weather he is going to jail or not (college football coaches make just as much money as the people who save lives…am I the only one who sees something horribly wrong with that?!). We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s a tiny part of me, though that doesn’t want him to have to go to jail because of how horrible his life could be as a “free man”.

I mean, Think about it…people would like ridicule him, send him death threats, spit on him when he walked by, throw large, sharp objects at him, try to run him over with their smart cars, and he’d see the bird more often than he would see a cloud in the sky…You think people wouldn’t do these things? They would. How do you know, Casey? Because I’d do just about all of ’em….

But then again…Jail guys can be BRUTAL…and rapey…he probably wouldn’t have a problem with the latter, so…”free” it is. Let him go. Ruin his life more than jail ever would.

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A lot of people don’t trust politicians. As of right now, I am one of those people. At first I just questioned wether I should trust politicians (but I still did). Now, I don’t because shared with me a little information that I found a little bit disturbing…

Presidents are supposed to be smart, honest, trustworthy, and they’re supposed to always do waht’s best for the country even though it may not make the people happy at the moment. They’re supposed to be honest even if they can’t tell us what we want to hear. Apparently, none of the people running for president right now are aware of this. Well, what are you talking about, Casey? What did they do? I’ll tell you.

Most if not all of the people running for president are promising that they will secure America’s borders. (It was already news to me that all the squiggly lines I was looking at when I saw a map of America…were a lie). The thing is…experts know that:

1. They can’t deliver this promise.

2. Even if hell froze over and they did, there would be hell to pay between us and Mexico. It could totally screw up our getting along (I never saw America and Mexico as genuine friends, I always saw them as the type of friend you will say hi to and smile at upon greeting, but once they pass by you roll your eyes and go “ugh I hate her”

Something like this...

So they are basically all telling us what we want to hear which really ticks me off! I’m supposed to be able to look up to these people! I’m supposed to be able to trust them! Do they know that they can’t carry out this promise? Did they do any research? If they’re running for PRESIDENT aren’t they already supposed to know things like this?! Ugh…America is going to spiral into a never-ending abyss of failure if we put these people in charge….we are going to have to baby sit our own president!!! Condi, WHERE ARE YOOOUUUUU!!!

And what’s so great about a secure border anyway?! Is it going to cure cancer? Will it create jobs? will it give us money? Will it pay off debt? I’m a normal American. Having an insecure border has not affected me in any way at all. So how would having a secure one be any different?

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