Update: Occupy

Police are cracking down yet again on these Occupiers. Mostly for unlawful assembly. I understand that these people feel the need to protest, but this is getting crazy. Are they just going to keep protesting illegally until all the jails have filled up because that is all that is going to happen. Well, realistically, the government wouldn’t let it get that out of hand, but what are the odds that the government is going to be moved by the peoples’ determination to get what they want (whatever that is because they all want different things). THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. No one finds this moving or cute or touching…it’s just annoying. Not to mention that most of these people aren’t happy they got arrested. 

The Occupy Los Angeles encampment is seen with the Los Angeles City Hall in the backgrounda  Tuesday, November 29, 2011.  Police in Los Angeles and Philadelphia stormed Occupy Wall Street encampments

Occupy LA encampment

I was on their side, at first, but now, I just don’t know. Do i think they deserve to be teargassed? No. Maybe a little stinky for a while (see my other post: do da stanky leg.) but not teargassed. At this point, though, it’s completely their fault. The police say leave. They don’t leave. This isn’t grandma’s house! You can’t just keep not doing what POLICE tell you to and get off with just a scolding…no. I mean if you think that your life would be just as good/bad in jail as it already is, then at least do something that you can get a reputation from.

How can these people have absolutely no fear of being arrested. It makes me wonder….Did some of the 200 that were arrested not get the message, somehow? Was this the authorities fault for not getting the information out enough? Why can’t these people protest here? Where can they protest? Why haven’t they let this go yet? What does the government have to do to get them happy? Isn’t there a better way to get changes made than to just protest? Are these people protesting just for the fun of it??

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