Hate these…allegations…

Let us begin with a list of all the things Sandusky shouldn’t have said during that interview:

  • words

Okay. Now, I know that was a little vague, so I’m going to narrow it down a little and list some of the more disturbing things that stick out in my mind.

  • “I enjoy young children”
  • “Yes, I showered with boys”
  • “Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Sexually attracted: *pause* no..na-no-I…I enjoy young people…I love to be around them…uhm…I-I…but no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.
  • I think that last quote deserved a second bullet…and maybe a couple in his face too….
  • Okay one more…
  • “…I have touched their legs…

So I’m going to just go down the list and say why I think this man is completely guilty and a pedophile and icky. Many people really do enjoy young children…but as a person being accused of pedophilious (I think this is going to make it into the next edition of the dictionary…) acts was that really the sentence that would most benefit him?? Next. In what circumstance would a coach NEED to shower with a young boy?!

“Oh I’m required to hop in with you to save water. Go green!”

“You said you need help washing your back? Sure no problem. Here I come…and I brought my loofah today!”

“Okay. We only have T minus one minute to get out of here before the bomb goes off! Bu-but we’re so dirty! We have no choice…our cleanliness is too crucial and we just don’t have enough time…sorry, kid, but we’re gonna have to shower together…”

“Now, you know we have that coach/player shower buddy policy to keep you guys from peeing in there so I’m gonna have to hop in with you…”

Now what is the likelihood that any of these situations were the case? Yeah…we have a pedophile on our hands….


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