But maybe Sandusky is just a little off…

MY answer key….yes, I made an answer key for my poll…

Option one: correct. Don’t get me wrong the man is very stupid, but not crazy. He’s guilty.

Option two: don’t you think that in the job interview they would have noticed if this man really wasn’t all there…I know this can be subtle, but if you are crazy enough to want to shower with young boys, someone else HAD to have picked that up and at least started a rumor that Mr. Sandusky is crazy.

Option three: While true is incorrect. Jerry admitted to showering with boys, touching their legs and “horsing around” (there is no way that “horsing around” means anything that ISN’T frowned upon by today’s society). These parents were just trying to make sure that their kids are safe.

Option four: If mothers will sue McDonald’s for making their kids fat, why would this man think that he could just shower with people’s kids and everything would be peachy keen? Does he live under a smartcar?! How do you not see that America is very…sue-y….he did this stuff on purpose. He tried to hide it, but people saw him and heard him….and he sent one of the kids home with wet hair…gosh, he’s dumb…

And another hilariously disturbing snippet of information: He wants to start a football camp for young kids…yeah…that has “success” written all over it…What’s next? Stevie Wonder teaching a photography class? 

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