Do da stanky leg….

So I ranted not to long ago about the teargas and rubber bullet usage to control protesters. Of course we have the occupy crap here, but there’s some other protests going on in Cairo, Egypt with which authorities have also been using tear gas. In case you didn’t know, tear gas is PAINFUL…people end up in the hospital from that stuff. It makes you choke and cry and feel like you are going to die.

84 year old Dorli Rainey COVERED in pepper spray...this cop has no soul

My question is…why haven’t they thought of a less harmful alternative to the pepper spray and tear gas?? I know whatever they do has to be uncomfortable and unpleasant enough to make the people leave but…There is something else that would work just as well as tear gas. What is it? Stink bombs.

Now think about it….I’m not talking about that weak crap you and your little brother made when you were in second grade. I’m talkin serious skunk-death-poop-old cheese-….just mix it all together and make a spray and spray it all over the place…who’s gonna stay there while they are vomiting profusely? Not me…and if someone can actually stand the smell and stay there…they deserve to stay.  As for the rest of them…they they’ll be running with they stanky legs…that was wack…I know

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