Jacked mah fish….

So If you went fishing and caught the fish you see below, you would be prety darn excited. You would be all famous for a while and people would pat you on the back and applaud when you walked by, right?

So there you are taking your 881 lb catch to land just as proud as you can be…so you get to port and everyone is ooohing and aaahing at your amazing, smart car sized catch…then some men who call themselves the federal fishery enforcement agents (does that name sound made up by a seven year old or what?) came up to your fish and took it away from you BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T CATCH YOUR FISH THAT WEIGHS AS MUCH AS  A YAK WITH A FISHING ROD!!!

Now, tomorrow, I want you to go to a field, take a fishing rod with you, find a yak tie the fishing rod to it, and reel it in. You can take about five friends to help you. Go ahead. Call them… right now.  This exactly is what happened to a man in Massachusetts (not the catching the yak in the field the other….yeah).  Look at him there…all happy with his fish…poor guy. Apparently, there’s some city ordinance that you can only catch tuna with a fishing rod and reel…what about cod? what about catfish? How bout trout? I think all of those crazy fishery guys just wanted his huge fish ‘cuz they was jelly of his hugemungously amazing fish.

I just really wish I knew why they would make that rule in the first place ….what if this guy had 897 kids and could barely feed his family because he got laid off and this fish would feed them all for a month and these jerks took it away. If you are reading this and are a member of the federal fishery enforcement agents…shame on you.

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