Penn State…need I say more?

For quite a while, I wouldn’t blog about the Penn State scandal…I was just so emotionally disturbed…no, not really I just didn’t know enough details. But I found a website that says everything plain and simple and to the point, just the way i like it. So what happened?

An undated photo shows Jerry Sandusky. State prosecutors said Sandusky, 67, was arrested Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, on charges that he sexually abused eight young men.

There he is, folks...the new most hated man in America.

This is Jerry Sandusky, the crazy pervert that started this mess. Over 15 years, he’s sexually abused 8 boys…BOYS…8…On a scale of 1-10, I have about a -359 in respect for him. If he were molesting girls, this number would go up…. by.000000000022 %. Because of him, about nine guys have gotten or will be fired from Penn State. Some of these guys barely had anything to do with it!  A lot of the guys were suspected to have seen suspicious activity from Sandicksky and didn’t tell anyone about it…and this hasn’t even been proven! Who are they going to fire next!?

Penn State guys: ” Oh wait, didn’t Otis, that janitor go past the room when one of the boys was in there with the coach? he was? Did he see anything? What do you mean you don’t know!? Just fire him…and who was walking by the building at the time of the crime? Well fire them too..” That’s why all the students up there are going crazy, but who can blame em…

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