Stuff just got real…

So I’ve been taking about occupy and how the police are really cracking down on these occupy protesters using what may be more force than necessary (ie: teargas, rubber bullets, etc.). Well, police are even beginning to make quite a few arrests and are even taking down occupy tents (this is still Oakland, by the way)!

*I could’ve sworn that under first amendment rights, we had a right to protest…Now, I understand that there are certain restrictions on this due to local laws and private property and whatnot. This is what Oakland’s Mayor is claiming. Now, he is saying that local ordinances prohibit protesters from camping on any city property or parks, but if he were lying, could anyone really find out and stop him? I doubt it.

Due to police efforts to get the protesters away from these forbidden places…

Tear gas...


rubber bullets...







…The Oakland Occupiers’ relationship with local authorities has gotten a little rocky…

I have to say, I wouldn’t feel to pleasant towards the people that half blew me up with a tear gas bomb and shot my tail up with rubber bullets either just because of a city ordinance that I was never told about and was therefore unaware of…That’s like slapping a deaf kid for not answering when you called their name (I’m not joking on deaf people. I love you all and I am learning sign language just because).

Now, protesters have noticed that policemen are “infiltrating” protests (they’re not wearing their uniforms) to get people in trouble. There’s one tiny problem that The Lede (Ny times blog) brought to my attention. You can’t infiltrate a leaderless protest. That’s like saying I’m infiltrating your oxygen supply (unless I yanked your oxygen tube out of your nose and took a few big huffs…then yea, you better believe I did…) because I’m standing in an elevator with you…

Asian lady: "Sir, I must request that you do not infiltrate my oxygen supply."

The police are trying to fix the relationship before it’s over for good. Occupiers are basically, in a nutshell protesting for the 99% (look it up if you don’t know…and stop reading my blog…jk). There are a lot of policemen. So, some policemen are trying to make the argument that they, too are in the 99% and are on their side, yet are being forced to enforce laws that they rally don’t want to/ disagree with or are being forced to enforce the laws in manners they disagree with. I think the policemen will whip up just about anything to get the occupiers off their back, to be honest. They have jobs. They are doing okay financially for the most part. (i can’t say I blame them)

I just hope this won’t escalate into a war somehow…I’m a little scared of that. Many a war began with a protest. I was just almost completely unaffected (by this I mean nothing significant happened to me) by a war (by the grace of God…) and I don’t think I’ll be this fortunate a second time.

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2 thoughts on “Stuff just got real…

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    • I’m highly unsure as to what all of this means, but thanks for the comment anyway….Gosh I would feel bad if this was a woman typing an S.O.S. note with her toes as a last chance of escaping from a criminally insane serial killer…

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