Fido, I have a bone to pick with you…

The Lede has been a little slow lately (not necessarily slow…just not anything I feel like writing about has shown up), so I went to the Richmond Times and found out that a 10 year old boy was attacked by a pit bull. I’m surprised pure bred pitbulls are still legal…these things are taking bites out people left and right…there should at least be an aggressiveness test or something…

Then again…Not trying to bash Richmond Times or anything, but they failed to give infromation that I, as a news consumer (I know that sounds weird) would want to know. What was happening BEFORE this kid got attacked? Do you really think that little Johnny was just doing laundry (it happened in the laundry room) all by himself in the empty house and then…MUNCH. I doubt that. It’s a little more likely that little Johnny was trying to start a friendly game of power rangers with less enthusiastic Fido who was somewhat unfairly given the role of whatever ugly, sinister creature that was terrorizing the town that day.

If Johnny doesn't get this crap off of me in 5...4...3...2...

I’m not saying that Fido should’ve gotten all nommy on poor Johnny (I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have either…). Just trying to give Fido the benefit of the doubt. Not to mention that due to this whole ordeal, Fido got shot by the police officer and was later put to sleep. Is THIS fair? Yes, human lives always come first, but it seems like animals do one thing wrong and the world turns on them.

I thought a person was best friends with their dogs. You know, man’s best friend yada yada yada. I can honestly say that if my cat put me in the hospital and caused me to need surgery (which is what happened to Johnny) I really would keep her. Or at least request that she be released into the wild where she may have a chance of survival…

before they put Fido to sleep did they ask the boy what he was up to when Fido started attacking him? Probably not. And I know kids are liars. The boy could’ve had Fido tied up like a marionette and making him do the hokey pokey, and Johnny would have told the police he and Fido were in separate rooms. So should they break out a lie detector to save a dog’s life? Or do they just kill the dog…just because he got a stain on his record…

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