You’re a jerk…You’re a jerk…

Presenting the most hated man in the Michael Jackson fan community…drum roll please…CONRAD MURRAY! Who’s he? He’s Michael Jackson’s doctor who was just charged with involuntary manslaughter. He was trying to pull some bull about how Michael gave himself the dose of propofol that killed him. Propawhat? Propofol. Its an anesthetic that looks like milk. MJ had been getting propofol to battle his insomnia…ironically…

There it all it's murderous milky glory...


Now first off, you aren’t supposed to use propofol for insomnia…that’s like using a rocket launcher to hunt squirrels. If anything, Murray was supposed to be giving Mike a little lunesta or something…not propofol. Apparently nothing else worked, though. Okay so that’s strike one…the propofol. On top of that, Conrad Murray didn’t have the hart line beepy thing…EKG I think…idk I’m a sophmore…he had nothing to tell if Mike stopped breathing which is  ALWAYS a risk when dealing with anesthetics. If the doctor gives you too much, you die. That’s strike two. Strike three? If Mike did stop breathing…he didn’t have paddles or a shocky heart thing to revive him…just hands and a mouth.

I have to give Murray the benefit of the doubt in saying that Michael did beg and plead for the Propofol all night long, but if Obama begged you to hit them in the dead repeatedly with a blunt object would you do it?! 

Now, Conrad Murray was an above-and-beyond kind of guy. Three strikes just wasn’t enough for him…To put the little poisonous, shriveled up cherry on the sundae of death, Murray decided to leave the room for like two minutes when the man should have been watching Michael’s every breath to make sure nothing changed considering the fact that medical equipment that could have saved Mike’s life was not present. But nope. He leaves for those two minutes and when he got back, Michael was dead. Conrad cannot be getting more than four years in prison, but will probably not get by with less than a year.

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