Now I’m feeling so fly like a…Boeing 767…

So in case you didn’t know…landing a plane…is hard. Maybe not so much for a seasoned pilot, but in general, this task isn’t easy. You know what is even more difficult? Landing a plane, a Boeing 767 to be specific, WITHOUT LANDING GEAR. Fo’ real.

A pilot was flying out of Newark, New Jersey. Thirty minutes after they left, the pilot realized something was wrong. Apparently, he decided that the plane wouldn’t burst into flames or anything because he just decided to whip that plane right across the Atlantic and off to Warsaw, Poland. With 231 people on the plane he was ready to begin landing. Naturally, he tried to put down the landing gear. Well, you may have figured out by now through logic, context, and reasoning that…the landing gear did not come down.

The importance of those teeny tiny tires on the bottom of the plane really smacks you in the face when you’re watching your loved one’s plane skid across the pavement with sparks and smoke flying out of the bottom of the plane’s belly knowing that any second, that plane could turn into a mini nuke. There was nothing the pilot could do to prevent this from happening. His main concern was that the plane might explode from fuel and sparks and all those other ingredients that make a nice, big, warm explosion pie…just the way to bring in the holidays, eh.

So he circled the airport for a while trying to drain fuel and get that darn landing gear to come down. The landing gear had it’s way, but no one was injured! NO INJURIES! Sure that’s not as cool as what Sully (look him up if you don’t know) did, but still…If I landed a plane without landing gear and didn’t injure anyone…I’d feel pretty fly.

So kudos to the pilot. I’ll try to find his name…aha: captain Ted Wrona. Well done, sir.  Well done.

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