Bottoms up, bottoms up…

So you ‘member when Japan had that earthquake…and then Japan had that tsunami….yeah and you ‘member how the workers in a nuclear power plant were at risk of getting sick from the radiation that was packed in the building. Okay well between the quake and the tsunami, the plant is in pretty bad shape now, and the basements are STILL FLOODED! It’s been 8-9 months now, and the plan’ts operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, wants to get rid of the water and dump it in the ocean. The local government and fish protection people are saying no even though the operating company of the plant is saying that the water is completely safe because it has been decontaminated.

Well, there is a Japanese government official that agreed with the Tokyo Electric Power Company. He really REALLY wanted to prove that the water really was safe to be dumped into the ocean…so what did he do? He poured himself a glass…and drank it. Yes, the water that could be RADIOACTIVE…he gulped it down…at least it was only half a glass

So when you hear (or I tell you) that a Japanese govt. official grew a second head, a third arm, a unicorn horn, can fly, and is vomiting rainbows

It's only a matter of time...

…you don’t even have to ask yourself who or why…his name is Yasuhiro Sonoda. Remember that name because we may be seeing it again soon…

Update (November 12, 2011): They’ve begun letting media into the plant. That’s all.

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