Baby baby baby, oohhh choose a baby baby baby…

The Lede did an article on the population reaching a new billion…and here’s what happened. The United Nations Population Fund was like:

“hey countires, let’s pick a baby born on Monday – one for each of you – to be the face of the 7,000,000,000th person! That’ll be cool! You guys should do it!”

@ United Nations Population Fund: way to send the whole world on a wild goose chase! How is anyone supposed to do that? Where do you start counting from? Adam? Lucy or whatever the scientists named that neanderthal they found in Africa? So now countries are arguing and there is this huge confusion. Happy? Is that what you wanted?

Go ahead. Pick the face of America's 7 billionth baby. I took 10,600 babies out of your options for you...

So there you are. Hopefully, the arguing has subsided by now and choices have been made.

But how are the countries choosing? By what I have read, some countries are actually holding contests and using somewhat legitimate factors to make their decisions (for their culture). The rest? Well, they might as well be covering their eyes, spinning in a circle, and see who their finger lands on…

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