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Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky…can eject people out of the plane and we can all watch them fall to their doom on the screens? PLEASE?! In fact, why pretend?

47 year old professor at the University of Utah had to go to Boston for whatever reason. Utah to Bostons…that’s about a five hour flight…I can go without eating or drinking for five hours. I can go without peeing for five hours…heck, I can go without saying any words that contain the letter “q” for five hours…Well this professor, Grant Smith…he isn’t as patient, self controlled, or as smart as I am. You know why? Because he can’t go five hours without looking at a naked child.

Grant Smith...*cringe*

This is really sick…this horny fool was in an airplane…seats are tight in an airplane even if he was in first class…anyway, he had his laptop. Apparently, he must have gotten fatally frisky because he felt the need to whip out his kiddie porn on his laptop and satisfy himself…this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of anyone doing.

The guy behind him didn’t have a white cane or dark glasses on. He didn’t have a dog with him. He didn’t have someone leading him around. Yet something must have led Grant to believe that the man behind him was blind because he went ahead and took care of his “business” while the good citizen behind him whipped out his phone and snapped pics of him looking at nekkit little girls…5-14 years old…I myself am not far out of this age range…not far at all…I mean REALLY not far…do you know how disturbing that is for me?!

So the guy who took the pictures of the sikko (Kurt Wade) had the police waiting for him when the plane landed. GO KURT!!!

'Terrible stuff': Kurt Wade, pictured, speaks out about witnessing a fellow first-class passenger viewing child porn. He immediately alerted authorities

Kurt Wade...thank you....


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Update: Occupy

Police are cracking down yet again on these Occupiers. Mostly for unlawful assembly. I understand that these people feel the need to protest, but this is getting crazy. Are they just going to keep protesting illegally until all the jails have filled up because that is all that is going to happen. Well, realistically, the government wouldn’t let it get that out of hand, but what are the odds that the government is going to be moved by the peoples’ determination to get what they want (whatever that is because they all want different things). THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. No one finds this moving or cute or touching…it’s just annoying. Not to mention that most of these people aren’t happy they got arrested. 

The Occupy Los Angeles encampment is seen with the Los Angeles City Hall in the backgrounda  Tuesday, November 29, 2011.  Police in Los Angeles and Philadelphia stormed Occupy Wall Street encampments

Occupy LA encampment

I was on their side, at first, but now, I just don’t know. Do i think they deserve to be teargassed? No. Maybe a little stinky for a while (see my other post: do da stanky leg.) but not teargassed. At this point, though, it’s completely their fault. The police say leave. They don’t leave. This isn’t grandma’s house! You can’t just keep not doing what POLICE tell you to and get off with just a scolding…no. I mean if you think that your life would be just as good/bad in jail as it already is, then at least do something that you can get a reputation from.

How can these people have absolutely no fear of being arrested. It makes me wonder….Did some of the 200 that were arrested not get the message, somehow? Was this the authorities fault for not getting the information out enough? Why can’t these people protest here? Where can they protest? Why haven’t they let this go yet? What does the government have to do to get them happy? Isn’t there a better way to get changes made than to just protest? Are these people protesting just for the fun of it??

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Another Herman Cain Update….

Now, I have some news that might take you by surprise. If you have a weak heart, you may want to sit down or stop reading altogether. So here it is: Another accuser has surfaced. Yet another woman has accused Cain of sexual “impropriety”. Her name is Ginger White…that sound like a fake name, first of all. I mean, maybe it isn’t, but the sound of it…

So now, he’s beginning to become discouraged…he’s considering dropping out. I, personally thought that he would stick it out and keep going until the end. He’s probably not going to win anyway, so it doesn’t really make a difference.

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Update: You’re a jerk…

Conrad Murray’s sentence: The whole four years. This is the most he could’ve gotten. Is it just me that feels like he would’ve only gotten a year if he had killed a normal guy…if that…

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But maybe Sandusky is just a little off…

MY answer key….yes, I made an answer key for my poll…

Option one: correct. Don’t get me wrong the man is very stupid, but not crazy. He’s guilty.

Option two: don’t you think that in the job interview they would have noticed if this man really wasn’t all there…I know this can be subtle, but if you are crazy enough to want to shower with young boys, someone else HAD to have picked that up and at least started a rumor that Mr. Sandusky is crazy.

Option three: While true is incorrect. Jerry admitted to showering with boys, touching their legs and “horsing around” (there is no way that “horsing around” means anything that ISN’T frowned upon by today’s society). These parents were just trying to make sure that their kids are safe.

Option four: If mothers will sue McDonald’s for making their kids fat, why would this man think that he could just shower with people’s kids and everything would be peachy keen? Does he live under a smartcar?! How do you not see that America is very…sue-y….he did this stuff on purpose. He tried to hide it, but people saw him and heard him….and he sent one of the kids home with wet hair…gosh, he’s dumb…

And another hilariously disturbing snippet of information: He wants to start a football camp for young kids…yeah…that has “success” written all over it…What’s next? Stevie Wonder teaching a photography class? 

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Hate these…allegations…

Let us begin with a list of all the things Sandusky shouldn’t have said during that interview:

  • words

Okay. Now, I know that was a little vague, so I’m going to narrow it down a little and list some of the more disturbing things that stick out in my mind.

  • “I enjoy young children”
  • “Yes, I showered with boys”
  • “Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Sexually attracted: *pause*…I enjoy young people…I love to be around them…uhm…I-I…but no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.
  • I think that last quote deserved a second bullet…and maybe a couple in his face too….
  • Okay one more…
  • “…I have touched their legs…

So I’m going to just go down the list and say why I think this man is completely guilty and a pedophile and icky. Many people really do enjoy young children…but as a person being accused of pedophilious (I think this is going to make it into the next edition of the dictionary…) acts was that really the sentence that would most benefit him?? Next. In what circumstance would a coach NEED to shower with a young boy?!

“Oh I’m required to hop in with you to save water. Go green!”

“You said you need help washing your back? Sure no problem. Here I come…and I brought my loofah today!”

“Okay. We only have T minus one minute to get out of here before the bomb goes off! Bu-but we’re so dirty! We have no choice…our cleanliness is too crucial and we just don’t have enough time…sorry, kid, but we’re gonna have to shower together…”

“Now, you know we have that coach/player shower buddy policy to keep you guys from peeing in there so I’m gonna have to hop in with you…”

Now what is the likelihood that any of these situations were the case? Yeah…we have a pedophile on our hands….


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Do da stanky leg….

So I ranted not to long ago about the teargas and rubber bullet usage to control protesters. Of course we have the occupy crap here, but there’s some other protests going on in Cairo, Egypt with which authorities have also been using tear gas. In case you didn’t know, tear gas is PAINFUL…people end up in the hospital from that stuff. It makes you choke and cry and feel like you are going to die.

84 year old Dorli Rainey COVERED in pepper spray...this cop has no soul

My question is…why haven’t they thought of a less harmful alternative to the pepper spray and tear gas?? I know whatever they do has to be uncomfortable and unpleasant enough to make the people leave but…There is something else that would work just as well as tear gas. What is it? Stink bombs.

Now think about it….I’m not talking about that weak crap you and your little brother made when you were in second grade. I’m talkin serious skunk-death-poop-old cheese-….just mix it all together and make a spray and spray it all over the place…who’s gonna stay there while they are vomiting profusely? Not me…and if someone can actually stand the smell and stay there…they deserve to stay.  As for the rest of them…they they’ll be running with they stanky legs…that was wack…I know

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Jacked mah fish….

So If you went fishing and caught the fish you see below, you would be prety darn excited. You would be all famous for a while and people would pat you on the back and applaud when you walked by, right?

So there you are taking your 881 lb catch to land just as proud as you can be…so you get to port and everyone is ooohing and aaahing at your amazing, smart car sized catch…then some men who call themselves the federal fishery enforcement agents (does that name sound made up by a seven year old or what?) came up to your fish and took it away from you BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T CATCH YOUR FISH THAT WEIGHS AS MUCH AS  A YAK WITH A FISHING ROD!!!

Now, tomorrow, I want you to go to a field, take a fishing rod with you, find a yak tie the fishing rod to it, and reel it in. You can take about five friends to help you. Go ahead. Call them… right now.  This exactly is what happened to a man in Massachusetts (not the catching the yak in the field the other….yeah).  Look at him there…all happy with his fish…poor guy. Apparently, there’s some city ordinance that you can only catch tuna with a fishing rod and reel…what about cod? what about catfish? How bout trout? I think all of those crazy fishery guys just wanted his huge fish ‘cuz they was jelly of his hugemungously amazing fish.

I just really wish I knew why they would make that rule in the first place ….what if this guy had 897 kids and could barely feed his family because he got laid off and this fish would feed them all for a month and these jerks took it away. If you are reading this and are a member of the federal fishery enforcement agents…shame on you.

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Penn State…need I say more?

For quite a while, I wouldn’t blog about the Penn State scandal…I was just so emotionally disturbed…no, not really I just didn’t know enough details. But I found a website that says everything plain and simple and to the point, just the way i like it. So what happened?

An undated photo shows Jerry Sandusky. State prosecutors said Sandusky, 67, was arrested Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, on charges that he sexually abused eight young men.

There he is, folks...the new most hated man in America.

This is Jerry Sandusky, the crazy pervert that started this mess. Over 15 years, he’s sexually abused 8 boys…BOYS…8…On a scale of 1-10, I have about a -359 in respect for him. If he were molesting girls, this number would go up…. by.000000000022 %. Because of him, about nine guys have gotten or will be fired from Penn State. Some of these guys barely had anything to do with it!  A lot of the guys were suspected to have seen suspicious activity from Sandicksky and didn’t tell anyone about it…and this hasn’t even been proven! Who are they going to fire next!?

Penn State guys: ” Oh wait, didn’t Otis, that janitor go past the room when one of the boys was in there with the coach? he was? Did he see anything? What do you mean you don’t know!? Just fire him…and who was walking by the building at the time of the crime? Well fire them too..” That’s why all the students up there are going crazy, but who can blame em…

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Stuff just got real…

So I’ve been taking about occupy and how the police are really cracking down on these occupy protesters using what may be more force than necessary (ie: teargas, rubber bullets, etc.). Well, police are even beginning to make quite a few arrests and are even taking down occupy tents (this is still Oakland, by the way)!

*I could’ve sworn that under first amendment rights, we had a right to protest…Now, I understand that there are certain restrictions on this due to local laws and private property and whatnot. This is what Oakland’s Mayor is claiming. Now, he is saying that local ordinances prohibit protesters from camping on any city property or parks, but if he were lying, could anyone really find out and stop him? I doubt it.

Due to police efforts to get the protesters away from these forbidden places…

Tear gas...


rubber bullets...







…The Oakland Occupiers’ relationship with local authorities has gotten a little rocky…

I have to say, I wouldn’t feel to pleasant towards the people that half blew me up with a tear gas bomb and shot my tail up with rubber bullets either just because of a city ordinance that I was never told about and was therefore unaware of…That’s like slapping a deaf kid for not answering when you called their name (I’m not joking on deaf people. I love you all and I am learning sign language just because).

Now, protesters have noticed that policemen are “infiltrating” protests (they’re not wearing their uniforms) to get people in trouble. There’s one tiny problem that The Lede (Ny times blog) brought to my attention. You can’t infiltrate a leaderless protest. That’s like saying I’m infiltrating your oxygen supply (unless I yanked your oxygen tube out of your nose and took a few big huffs…then yea, you better believe I did…) because I’m standing in an elevator with you…

Asian lady: "Sir, I must request that you do not infiltrate my oxygen supply."

The police are trying to fix the relationship before it’s over for good. Occupiers are basically, in a nutshell protesting for the 99% (look it up if you don’t know…and stop reading my blog…jk). There are a lot of policemen. So, some policemen are trying to make the argument that they, too are in the 99% and are on their side, yet are being forced to enforce laws that they rally don’t want to/ disagree with or are being forced to enforce the laws in manners they disagree with. I think the policemen will whip up just about anything to get the occupiers off their back, to be honest. They have jobs. They are doing okay financially for the most part. (i can’t say I blame them)

I just hope this won’t escalate into a war somehow…I’m a little scared of that. Many a war began with a protest. I was just almost completely unaffected (by this I mean nothing significant happened to me) by a war (by the grace of God…) and I don’t think I’ll be this fortunate a second time.

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