I’m coming home, comin home. Tell the world I’m comin home…

Okay so in VA, this little 8 year old autistic boy has been missing for the past six days. It’s crazy. Today around 2, they found him…Little Robert Wood Jr was found. Due to his autism, he doesn’t talk which is why VA was even more worried. He can’t take care of himself like a normal 8 yr. old. They found him today in a creek or a quarry or a gully or something…Either way everyone’s uber happy and peechy keen…yup here we are…makin the clams look depressed…but TELL ME WHY…

So they said the boy was in great condition and doing amazing and he could have carried the whole search party home he was so healthy…he just had scratches and bruises and he was dehydrated a little…okay so if I went to the doctor and I told them that I hadn’t had water in two days, and I had some scratches and bruises, they would have had me out in like, a half hour. Can someone please explain what the doctors were “treating”??

Help me do the math…

  • They found him at 2:00 pm. (est)
  • He probably got to VCU Medical Center by 3:00
  • They didn’t say he’s been released yet
  • It’s 7:25 pm now
They never stopped talking about how well he was doing and how strong he was…I’m not trying to minimize his injuries, but something isn’t right here…is the hospital keeping him fro extra time for publicity? Is he actually doing worse than the news is reporting? Why can’t they just let the poor boy spend time in his family at home?!
Update 3 1/2 days later: HE IS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL…but they found a hole in his esophagus so they do have  a legitimate reason. He’s still doing okay. he can still eat. Everything’s fine.
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2 thoughts on “I’m coming home, comin home. Tell the world I’m comin home…

  1. Great post, you have pointed out some superb details , I too conceive this s a very fantastic website.

    • Thank you so much. That means a lot. And I’m so glad you took the time to look at an older post! I always have this fear that no one will look at them…i dunno why…

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