Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Let’s say you are protesting for a cause you really believe in and you are protesting on the streets of Oakland, California. You know the group (there are thousands with you) is getting rowdy, and police have showed up. All of the sudden, you notice that it has gotten foggy. At the same time, your throat and eyes start burning, your eyes are watering, you are choking, and you feel like Death is seriously flirting with you.

"ehh...If...I the alphabet..."

This happened to hundreds of Occupy protesters (the occupy protesters are this huge mass of people who are trying to stick half of Americas govt. issues (economy problems) onto the financial industry).  In Oakland, these protesters got pretty hardcore and tried to go into an area that had been blocked off or something…well the police kinda went crazy…

Them fools got out tear gas, rubber bullets, the whole nine in nonlethal weapons…well I just looked up this stuff on images…and I didn’t see anyone laughing. With the rubber bullets, all I got was people bleeding and wounded and running…The teargas wasn’t as bad, to be honest, but still…

Don’t they think that that could have been a tad much. Overkill, maybe? They had people in the hospital and passing out and whatnot…Isn’t that a sign that things have been taken to the extreme? Or are the protesters out of line and need to be dealt with immediately? They should have known that the area was restricted and shouldn’t have gone in. Usually, I would have an opinion, but this time, I’m leaving it to you

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