Baby There’s a Croc in the Water

I remember (enough) when I was like, four or seven or six or whatever when hurricane Katrina hit. Thousands were homeless, the flood was apocalyptically (don’t think that’s a word…) terribe. Everything that could have gone wrong did…except crocodiles.
Now, you may be asking: Casey, what on God’s green Earth are you talking about. Well in Thailand, a buttload of flooding has been going on. Unfortunately, and I mean VERY unfortunately…the crocs in a crocodile farm (what?! it wasn’t a sloth farm?!?!) have escaped in the water. Maybe they didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe they were trying to get revenge on humans for naming those revolting shoes after them…either way, it isn’t good.

The ugliest shoe ever created

I don’t think the crocs have had any fleshy, humany snacks while they have been on the run, but if these guys aren’t round up soon, the thai aren’t going to be doing so hot.
As of right now, they don’t even know how many crocs have escaped or how much longer the floods will last. The best guess they’ve got now is six more weeks for the flooding. Well, kudos to the guys that are rounding up crocodiles in the water…

Just pretend there is a giant crocodile staring at you right here

what would you do if this was chilling in your bathtub?

Update 1-12-12: Crocs made 1,000,000,000 (a billion) dollars in 2011. Why, America…why…read this (click link below)…and weep…I did.

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