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I’m coming home, comin home. Tell the world I’m comin home…

Okay so in VA, this little 8 year old autistic boy has been missing for the past six days. It’s crazy. Today around 2, they found him…Little Robert Wood Jr was found. Due to his autism, he doesn’t talk which is why VA was even more worried. He can’t take care of himself like a normal 8 yr. old. They found him today in a creek or a quarry or a gully or something…Either way everyone’s uber happy and peechy keen…yup here we are…makin the clams look depressed…but TELL ME WHY…

So they said the boy was in great condition and doing amazing and he could have carried the whole search party home he was so healthy…he just had scratches and bruises and he was dehydrated a little…okay so if I went to the doctor and I told them that I hadn’t had water in two days, and I had some scratches and bruises, they would have had me out in like, a half hour. Can someone please explain what the doctors were “treating”??

Help me do the math…

  • They found him at 2:00 pm. (est)
  • He probably got to VCU Medical Center by 3:00
  • They didn’t say he’s been released yet
  • It’s 7:25 pm now
They never stopped talking about how well he was doing and how strong he was…I’m not trying to minimize his injuries, but something isn’t right here…is the hospital keeping him fro extra time for publicity? Is he actually doing worse than the news is reporting? Why can’t they just let the poor boy spend time in his family at home?!
Update 3 1/2 days later: HE IS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL…but they found a hole in his esophagus so they do have  a legitimate reason. He’s still doing okay. he can still eat. Everything’s fine.
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Copy Paste, Copy Copy Paste…

Okay so in America, if you plagiarize something serious…it will basically ruin your life. If it was for school and you are over 17 years old, you get kicked out. You plagiarize at work, you get fired. You publish something plagiarized online…this is the only situation in which you may be okay…but, plagiarizing in a published book that you actually expect people to read may be the worst possible offense…that’s like bad to the bone…like…roundhouse kicking baby bald eagles bad. Well, Casey, who possibly could have done this horrible thing?! Get this-the president of Ukraine. Here are some of Ukraine’s favorite things to do…

Favorite Ukrainian Pastime #1

Favorite Ukrainian Pastime #2

Steal candy from babies...

favorite Ukrainian pastime #3

So as you can see, this is a truly evil bunch of people. They are willing to do whatever necessary to be the greatest.

In their quest for greatness, the president wrote a book called “Opportunity Ukraine” (well seeing that he couldn’t even think of a title that made sense is already a bad sign. I mean, what kind of title is that? It’s two nouns together! That’s like If I called my blog llama stereo…or doorknob happiness…). Well many are accusing him of plagiarizing in his book. According to my blog’s mommy, The Lede, it doesn’t seem that he’s even said anything about it…whoa.

He could at least start denying it or something…I’ll update and let you know what he says. Okay so here’s the update (thx google….). The president says that it wasn’t his doing but his incompetent translator who translated it into English.  Well, Casey, what do you think?

Well I come from a long line of conspiracy theorists and If you really want my two cents, well I would have to say… Bull…

Even if his translator is that incompetent and the president really didn’t have anything to do with the now confirmed plagiarism…Why hasn’t the president fired this fool! And he’s done stuff like this before!

@Ukrainian society: Ya’ll betta get your governement together, somehow. You guys are cool, too…You can’t let your “quirky” rulers bring you down. Oh and I was jk about all that baby nommin’ kitten blending stuff 🙂  .

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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Let’s say you are protesting for a cause you really believe in and you are protesting on the streets of Oakland, California. You know the group (there are thousands with you) is getting rowdy, and police have showed up. All of the sudden, you notice that it has gotten foggy. At the same time, your throat and eyes start burning, your eyes are watering, you are choking, and you feel like Death is seriously flirting with you.

"ehh...If...I the alphabet..."

This happened to hundreds of Occupy protesters (the occupy protesters are this huge mass of people who are trying to stick half of Americas govt. issues (economy problems) onto the financial industry).  In Oakland, these protesters got pretty hardcore and tried to go into an area that had been blocked off or something…well the police kinda went crazy…

Them fools got out tear gas, rubber bullets, the whole nine in nonlethal weapons…well I just looked up this stuff on images…and I didn’t see anyone laughing. With the rubber bullets, all I got was people bleeding and wounded and running…The teargas wasn’t as bad, to be honest, but still…

Don’t they think that that could have been a tad much. Overkill, maybe? They had people in the hospital and passing out and whatnot…Isn’t that a sign that things have been taken to the extreme? Or are the protesters out of line and need to be dealt with immediately? They should have known that the area was restricted and shouldn’t have gone in. Usually, I would have an opinion, but this time, I’m leaving it to you

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Baby There’s a Croc in the Water

I remember (enough) when I was like, four or seven or six or whatever when hurricane Katrina hit. Thousands were homeless, the flood was apocalyptically (don’t think that’s a word…) terribe. Everything that could have gone wrong did…except crocodiles.
Now, you may be asking: Casey, what on God’s green Earth are you talking about. Well in Thailand, a buttload of flooding has been going on. Unfortunately, and I mean VERY unfortunately…the crocs in a crocodile farm (what?! it wasn’t a sloth farm?!?!) have escaped in the water. Maybe they didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe they were trying to get revenge on humans for naming those revolting shoes after them…either way, it isn’t good.

The ugliest shoe ever created

I don’t think the crocs have had any fleshy, humany snacks while they have been on the run, but if these guys aren’t round up soon, the thai aren’t going to be doing so hot.
As of right now, they don’t even know how many crocs have escaped or how much longer the floods will last. The best guess they’ve got now is six more weeks for the flooding. Well, kudos to the guys that are rounding up crocodiles in the water…

Just pretend there is a giant crocodile staring at you right here

what would you do if this was chilling in your bathtub?

Update 1-12-12: Crocs made 1,000,000,000 (a billion) dollars in 2011. Why, America…why…read this (click link below)…and weep…I did.

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