Don’t forget me I Beeeg…

Most of us have now heard of Stephen Slevin who was forgotten in a Mew Mexico county jail for just under two years. 


This is Slevin before and after his jail visit. They say he went in relatively healthy although intoxicated and came out looking like that, weighing around 130 lbs, rotting teeth, and bed sores. Well then why didn’t he say anything? Word on the street is that he’s mentally ill (allegedly even more so now because he was kept in solitary confinement for so long).

Now y’all probably expect me to go on a rant bashing America’s government. As justified as this rant would be, honestly, I don’t see a need to. It isn’t a difficult concept to digest – the man was thrown in jail and forgotten. Y’all don’t need one of my rants to see how incredibly irresponsible this was. 

The largest problem I have with the situation is that the man is just that – a man. Yes he was drinking and driving. Yes he has a shady past. Yes he is mentally ill. Yes his judgement is not on the same level as your average Bob. Is he any worse of a person than the guards who forgot about him? No.

I feel like we forget a little too often that just because someone commits a crime, they are still a human. We sometimes lower them into this slightly subhuman species – a “criminal”. Again, don’t get me wrong they’re are some criminals who do not deserve to be treated as humans, but we cannot forget that despite their bad judgment and adversity, inmates are people just like us.

That’s okay, though… He’ll have the last laugh with the 15.5 million that he won in court.

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Why Bother??

Now, I am about to share with you, America, a fact that might be lifechangingly shocking… Probably each and every single on of the Presidential candidates that have ever existed… is a bold – faced liar.

WHAAAATTT??!!! how can I say such heinous, blasphemous things??

Well i cant be the only one who’s notices that every single election, the candidates spend their entire campaigns telling America about all the wonderful things that they’re going to try to do and often even promise to do. Then Bobbert McSoandso gets elected and WHADDYAKNOW… he hasn’t done half of the things that he said he would. He may come up with valid excuses for each and every single thing that didn’t get accomplished, but the bottom line is: the things didn’t get done. And let’s take a moment to be realistic — Most of the candidates, when making their sea of empty promises, know which ones they can and can’t keep…they just tell us what we want to hear.

This brings me to my next issue. Obama has been accused for years of presenting himself differently in different crowds (and he’s not the only one). In the Northwest he speaks properly, however in the deep south, his speech would loosen and he would even throw in a “y’all” here and there… Instead of changing for your environment, how about you just be yourself all the time. But no. Candidates feel the need to create this plastic representation of themselves that is used for all the little people.

I can’t vote but even if I could I would be one of the many who just write in Elmo (Oh wait, nevermind…) or Mickey Mouse. Over the years, politics have gotten just too corrupted for the election results to even matter to me. After Obama got elected I still rode the same bus to the same school and was taken back to the same house. The sun didn’t shine any brighter and the moon wasn’t any whiter…

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World’s deadliest weapons: iced tea and skittles.

So In a few, (hopefully) i’ll have up a picture of Treyvon Martin. One night in late february, seventeen year old high school student, Treyvon was hanging out at his home in a gated community. He decided that he wanted to go to the store. he walked to the store, bought a can of iced tea and some skittles, and began to walk back home. While he was walking home, 28 year old self proclaimed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman began to follow him in his SUV

Later, Treyvon is found dead with Zimmerman standing over  him armed with a gun. Police arrive and ask what happened. Zimmerman tells authorities that he shot Treyvon because he was defending himself. Now, Zimmerman did have a bloody nose and a wound in the back of his head. However, Police – get this – believed him, didn’t run a background check, didn’t run any drug tests, and LET HIM GO.

Now, In Florida, you can use deadly force against pretty much any attack. But under what circumstances is it okay to kill a kid armed with a bottle of tea and skittles. No matter what Treyvon could have been doing to that man, there was no need for him to kill him. Zimmerman looks like he weighs about 250. Treyvon…190 TOPS. Even without weapons it was an unfair fight.

Not to mention, If you’re walking around your neighborhood at night and you notice that you are being followed by an SUV, wouldn’t you get a little scared?! You can’t outrun a car and confronting the driver is dangerous…so who’s good and who’s bad? You tell me.

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Kony 2012

This video is 30 minutes long, but worth watching. do I think this is real? Yes. Do I think something should be done about it? Yes. Kony should caught, but at the same time, we do have our own issues to deal with. Should the guy have dragged his son into the problem? Absolutely not. Even if he did tell his son about the situation, putting that child in the video was not a good idea. The boy had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Sure he was cute, but when he gets older, he’s going to get a lot of crap from jackwagons who don’t like his dad’s opinions which will turn into his opinions.


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Bah humbug…

So a buttload of Valentines day posts got freshly pressed. Most of them looked at Valentines day in a positive light. Even the ones that try to make the single people feel better. I come with the truth. Reasons to hate Valentine’s Day. I was even to bitter to post this on Valentines Day…

  • Do couples only love each other on Valentines Day?? A boyfriend shouldn’t act fake one day just because the calendar has a heart on it…if he doesn’t get you a cough syrup colored bear and a box full of calories every day then why should today be different? If you want to act extra lovey-dovey one day out of the year try actually remembering your anniversary.
  • Why do we even act like we care?! Is Valentines Day anyone’ s favorite holiday? The only reason why it’s celebrated because it’s a national holiday and it doesn’t have a theme that isn’t totally dumb. I’ll admit that I can see how it could look good on paper, but once Hallmark got to it, it looked really bad on paper…and we kept celebrating…
  • Single people feel forbidden from celebration. Luckily, some sympathetic, soul and her boyfriend made up the idea of having a “valentine” on valentine’s day so that we singles don’t feel completely pathetic, but everyone knows that a valentine is usually never a real boyfriend or girlfriend, and this only works for those who can get them. Being single on valentines is like being Helen Keller in a circus…
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Facebook has gone too far…

So just about everyone in the world who has a facebook has unfriended someone before. No matter the reason, you probably have. Well a Tennesee couple ( Billy Clay Payne, Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth ) didn’t think much of it when they unfriended a woman on facebook, but she thought much of it…she thought a whole lot of it…then,she stopped thinking altogether.

The couple that had unfriended her had 8 month old baby. Jenelle Potter, the woman they unfriended didn’t care. She shot them both in the head anyway, but don’t think badly of her…she spared the now orphaned baby.

There is no way that I can express how this crime makes me feel without using very obscene language…so I’m going to end the post here.

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The most selfish man alive…

who is he? Josh Powell. Casey, how do you know that this man is so selfish? Despite the fact that I am always quick to judge,  I have highly legitimate reason for believing that Josh is the most selfish man alive. Many of us have heard about a recent home explosion that killed a man and his two sons. Well this was the doing of Joshua Powell. How is this a selfish action? Well it was the motives.

Joshua had been in a recent custody battle with his parents in law. The wife wasn’t involved because she disappeared in 2009 while Josh and his boys went on a camping trip. I’m pretty sure Josh killed her and burned her in a ditch somewhere, but who am I to guess…Anyway, his parents had gained TEMPORARY custody of the two boys ages 5 and 7. His parents filed for custody in the first place because Josh’s father, Steven, had been doing all of this disgusting crap like videotaping women in the neighborhood while they were changing in their bathrooms and child porn and…ugh…

Joshua sent emails to some friends (hehe…”friends”) saying that he couldn’t live without his sons. Meanwhile, Susan’s (his wife) parents took in the boys and built them a bedroom and got everything ready. Josh, then, gave all of their toys to goodwill…

kind of eerie to find out that the toys you just bought for your kid were taken to the goodwill by a psychopathic killer...

Then he bought several gallons of gasoline. A couple days later, a social worker arrived at his home with his two boys. The excited, yet oblivious boys excitedly ran ahead of the social worker and into the house.

The much less excited social worker took her sweet time getting to the door. When she got there, it was closed and locked. She stood there, yelling and banging on the door for quite a while…in a few minutes, she began smelling gas. She got into her car just in time for the house to catch fire. She had called 911, but they didn’t treat her situation like an emergency. She was trying her hardest to convey the urgency of the situation (I listened to the call myself), but they operator would say something like “well, we have to take possibly life threatening situations first.”

911: "uh...we're really busy right now, we're gonna need you to call us back when he actually gets the balls to pull the trigger..."

I’m not sure what anarchist action movie planet that 911 operator was trained in where gasoline smell in a house is not a problem, but I bet she feels like crap wherever she is…

All fingerpointing aside and needless to say, the police/fire department didn’t make it in time. Upon further investigation after the explosion, it was discovered that Powell had chopped up the kids with an axe…can we say overkill?

All because he couldn’t have custody of his kids…so if he can’t have them, no one can…or because the kids finally got to the age where they began remembering more details from that “camping trip” after which their mother disappeared and were more likely to share their memories…

Well thanks to Josh, they wont have any memories and they won’t be able to make any more…The best thing that came out of this situation…he died. But as always, there’s a piece of me that wishes he could have made it out with maybe just a severed arm, punctured lungs, and half his face blown off (of course the boys being alive would have been the ultimate wish to grant…). I know it sounds weird. Why am I on his side? I’m not. I want this guy to suffer…just blown up in an instant – easy way out. That’s not fair if you ask me…but I guess that’s what hell is for, right…



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Low-down, dirty dentist

Think of a dental procedure people hate to get. Right now. Go. Was a root canal the first thing that popped into your head? Most likely it was. We all know that the root canal is unpleasant, painful, and downright agonizing. Most dentists use steel posts to fix this problem. Not one dinglewedge of a dentist…

Michael Clair, 53 from Massachusetts knows how expensive the steel posts are. He knows that he could use something less expensive to do the procedure, charge normal price, and pocket the rest. So this is exactly what he did. But what did he use in place of the steel pieces? iron? copper? No and no – aluminum.


I know you didn’t necessarily gasp at the aluminum posts…but what I left out was that he didn’t use the normal, standard posts. He used aluminum…paperclips.  You see, his office is in a mall (what dentist has his office in a mall anyway??? Is that common??). The mall is right across the street from a staples. He goes to the staples, gets a regular box of jumbo paperclips, and shoves them into peoples’ faces.

This, obviously has been causing the victims infections and a lot of pain and the loss of teeth. Of course I’m outraged at this idiot, but what makes me even more mad is that he only got one year in jail. Just a year. You know what…I just unmaddified myself. Know why? Because this guy doesn’t even deserve our tax payments. They should exile him to the world’s stormiest island…or catapult him out to sea…

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Making Internet History…maybe

So the The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is accepting requests for words that can replace the com, org, or what-have-you that goes after the “.” in a url. This could make internet history…but the ICANN is only accepting the requests from January 12th to April 12th. So it seems that they will only add the requested words to the current list containing only 22 words.

I think this will only add to confusion. Now we have to remember one extra word in an address. I just don’t see a benefit and I doubt there will be any huge turnaround in the urls. Smart businesses will stick to the traditional endings.


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Occupy D.C. – another update

The government has finally decided to take control of things. They have ordered the 99% to get their unruly, rat attracting butts out of the park they’ve been camping in for months. If they aren’t gone today (Jan. 30th) they’re goin in the slammer.

So I’m really hoping these people listen. The officials are saying that the tents can stay, but people can’t sleep there and sleeping bags must go. They should have cleared the park out completely, but I guess they’re taking it step by step.

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